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Schools & College Placements

We can assist parents with state and independent school placements throughout the UK and individuals with college and university applications.

We can also arrange short term English courses in various locations including London and Oxford.

  • Nursery – Pre School aged 18 months – 5 Years
  • Primary aged 5-11
  • Secondary aged 11-18
  • College and university from aged 18
  • Schools – State, Independent including boarding

Items & Details

Our Team

  • Our educational consultant appears on the UK Register of Learning Providers (UKRLP). Reference Number: 10062919 with over 30 years of experience in working internationally at ministerial levels, from Nursery Level to university level as well as being extremely familiar with Home Office regulations.
  • Awarded the Beacon Award from the British Council in 2008 for its International work to students.
  • Enhanced DBS registered to work with vulnerable people.
  • Ex awarding body examiner and currently educational consultant for a multinational company


  • We believe the best way to manage the family expectation to move and settle in the UK is to give access to all the information, and advise case per case according to each child or student’s situation and personal circumstances.

Access to your rights

  • We inform the family of its rights in matter of education in England: free support, additional support etc…

Every Child Matters

  • Each child/student personal needs is taken into consideration. A PSP (Personal Study Plan) is drafted and discussed with the family or the decision maker prior to start any study programme.

The English educational system

  • We help navigate through the complex bureaucracy of the English educational system for school admission, funding, pathways, special additional educational support and special language support.

 Types of schools

  • We help chose the most appropriate type of public or private schools: Local Authorities, Academies, Independent schools, Boarding schools, International schools etc…

Special Educational support

  • We will accompany you through the procedure of accessing SEN (Special Educational Needs) for your child should you need to.

English as a second Language

  • We advise those families whose first language is not English and facilitate support to the child in need of English additional studies.


  • Our team of educational advisers are able to deal with primary and secondary schools , academic or vocational college studies and university level studies.
  • We have direct pathway access to all of the above.

Our links with educational institutions

  • Very high profile private schools
  • Links across England county Local Authorities for reputable primary and secondary schools
  • Links with graded “Outstanding” academic and vocational colleges across UK, including one Hong-Kong specialist
  • Pathways to university level studies


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