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Nursing in the UK

In the UK

We are an NHS approved agency and can assist nurses with their NMC application and securing a Tier 2 working visa with a UK Sponsor.

University Enrolment

In the UK

We can assist with applications for bachelors and masters degrees including one year top up degrees at several UK universities.

Schools & College Placements

In the UK

We can arrange placements throughout the UK at state and independent schools and colleges.

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Julian Bevan-Jones FCA

Director UK

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Veronica Wei

Consultant Shenzhen China

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Zoe Lee

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Q & A

I want to enrol in a university but am unsure where, what course or how to apply.

We can advise on courses and universities throughout the UK (and Canada and US) and apply on your behalf. This includes fees, start dates, entry requirements etc.

What documents do I need for my UK Tier 4 student application and how do I apply?
Copies of passport and qualifications, references, CV and personal statement. We will collate all the documents required. We do not charge fees for successful enrolments.
We are a care home. Can you provide qualified nurses to work with us?
Yes, we are NHS approved agents included on their code of practice website for international recruitment. We can supply nurses to government licensed care homes from non-EU countries who have registered with the NMC and able to take their OSCE in the UK.
I am a Tier 4 student. Am I allowed to work during my course.
You can work a maximum of 20 hours in a set 7-day period during standard university term times in all UK employment. The working week is defined as Monday to Sunday and all hours worked in each week must be 20 hours or less. Your working restrictions are not an average per week, but a maximum per week. There are no hourly restrictions during vacation periods.
Are my spouse and children allowed to accompany me?
Your partner and children (dependants) are allowed to come to the UK if you are a full time students on a postgraduate level course.
If my spouse obtains a visa to accompany me, is he/she allowed to work?
Yes and unlimited hours during your course.
Once the application to a university has been made and an offer issued what happens next.
Once you have met their conditions which includes a deposit (normally 50% of fees) you will have a credibility interview with the university (skype) and provide details of funds available for maintenance while in the UK after which they will issue a CAS (confirmation of acceptance of studies). You can then apply to the UK visa office.
What funds do I need for my maintenance fund?
A You need to provide evidence that you (or your parent/guardian) have sufficient money to pay for the course. IF studying in Greater London you must have at least £1,265 per month of the course for 9 months of the course. If outside London £1,015 per month. You must have this in your bank for 28 days plus the balance of fees after the deposit.
What is the UK post-study work visa (PSW) for graduates?
Any international student on a Tier 4 visa who enrols at a UK institution from September 2020 will be eligible to stay in the UK after graduation to find a job. This applies to undergraduate, post graduate and PhD graduates.
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