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UK Property

At any one time roughly one tenth of all of London’s housing stock is on the market. This gives the buyer plenty of choice in terms of property and estate agents.

This gives you an idea of the extraordinary complex market.

Our aim is to ensure you have independent professional help whilst purchasing or renting your new home.

We can help with both.

We will always ensure your best interests are served. The agencies selling property in the UK are instructed and paid by the seller.

Yes we charge a fee for our services but our aim is to try and recover this by negotiating to reduce the purchase price. Our goal is to negotiate a reduction in price which will exceed our fees for all services you choose including real estate, education and business.

This may also be achieved by our ability to negotiate based on the large number of our clients.

Average Price by Property Type for London

Property type

March 2020

March 2019

Difference %

£ 889,309 £ 879,600 1.1

£ 581,358 £ 566,491 2.6

£ 506,179 £ 483,203 4.8

£ 429,401 £ 406,906 5.5

£ 485,794 £ 464,162 4.7


Average Detached House Price £375,050

Average Semi – Detached House price £232,901

Average Apartment price £232,901

Average Mansion  House price £1,000,000

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