Generations Package

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Generations Package

Our company mission is to ensure that your move from Hong Kong to your new life in The United Kingdom is achieved without any dramas.

We believe most of our clients will be families that will appreciate the quality of our services and the totally professional way in which they are provided.

Everyone is welcome to contact us which is why we provide easy contact information including social media, emails and phone numbers. We also provide a contact enquiry page via a Qr code in Facebook or directly on the website.

No matter whether you are planning to relocate to the UK on your own or with your family we can assist with every aspect of this journey.

We operate a transparent pricing structure. The primary package is known as ”Generations” because we believe that the maximum help will be required when your entire family, including children and possibly grandparents, all come together hence “GENERATIONS.”

If you are in Hong Kong or the UK right now and qualify from January 1st to obtain your BNO Passport, we are ready and waiting to make your new life a reality.

Our core product is priced in a way that makes sense because it includes every aspect of what is required to make a successful transition.

Our partners are experts in every element of Property, Education, Banking & Commerce, Moving and Logistics, Employment and Travel.

Together we have literally more than a hundred years of experience.

We offer immigration assistance directly in Hong Kong and believe this to be one of the simpler tasks due to the straightforward nature of the United Kingdom Governments offer.

Our Price is based on your requirements and services we are flexible and only wish to make your drems come true.

This includes every service you require for 6 members of your family to make the move to thier new life in the UK:

  • House search enabling you to Purchase including all related professional fees.
  • Moving your Possessions up to 2 containers.
  • Arranging Education enrolment for your children.
  • Assisting with finding employment.
  • Setting up a UK Limited Business.
  • Opening Bank Accounts.
  • Airfares and all transfers for the Family group.
  • other services available subject to negotiation.

For those not requiring the “Generations Package” we offer individually priced services if you wish;

Our property service is 4 % of the purchase price of your eventual choice. We firmly believe a key benefit of our service is the ability to negotiate prices and to save you most of, if not all, of our fee by reducing the cost of the property you choose.

We would emphasise that we can place your children at schools in all locations in the UK dependent on available places and education levels of the children. Our staff have been involved in education for many years from Primary to Secondary and on to University.

Employment, shipping, travel, immigration, property negotiation, business set up or purchase all are firmly within our areas of professional expertise.  All are offered  individually  see our product pages.

Do not hesitate to contact us at any time we are ready to LISTEN.

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在這首先祝願 您和您家人 闔家平安, 事事順心如意。


.…………美好的生活 正等著您來開拓。

 香港英國海外顧問公司、 萬分期待和非常歡迎大家來臨英國寫下新的一頁

英國內政部就香港居民持有英國BNO護照已發表聲明、於2021年1月31日起確認開始接受來英移民申請, 我們已急不及待能為閣下服務、分憂閣下疑慮疑惑、為你籌謀機票舉家來英、機場接送、搬遷貨運、尋購物業、為子女安排學校、尋找工作或生意商機、辦理銀行開戶、醫療註冊、一切法律上的問題、為閣下分憂及籌謀。

隨著接近 英國政府公布有關重要新措施計劃、符合BNO護照資格的任何人都可以成為英國合法公民、完成5+1的簽證、也會為閣下展開英國永遠居留或入籍申請。

在這期間、於本年12月31日前、首50位顧客與我們聯絡關於申請事項、將獲取10%折扣優惠、我們擁有多年豐富經驗和專業知識, 可確保你的移民申請獲得順利通過和圓滿成功。


“We will not be satisfied until you are satisfied “